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1- What happens with an opportunity that marked as lost?

In the Sales-team reporting section, how is the untaxed total amount calculated?

A customer is linked to the "Public Price List". You have created a quotation for that client for several products. If you changed the price list on the quotation, what will happen to the price of the products on the quotation?

What is the impact of setting the ’control purchase Bill’ on the product as ‘On Ordered quantities’?

Assume you have an agreement with a vendor for a specific quantity of a product at a predefined price. How will you keep track of the quantity of products purchased as part of this agreement?

When using a ‘Blanket Order’ agreement type, is it possible to order more quantities than what’s in the purchase agreement?

A request for quotation is automatically created every time:

Once a manufacturing Order is validated, can I produce more than what is expected?

What does each label represent in the inventory dashboard?


Odoo CMS - a big picture

When update Qty on hand Manually does it generate the same stock move as validating inventory adjustment from from inventory app for same product, location and qty?

where we can define the cost ?

What is the Stock move produced by the following inventory when clicking on VALIDATE INVENTORY?


Odoo CMS - a big picture

Where do you set up stock valuation accounts?

Is it possible to make a conversion between two units of measure from different categories?

What stock moves will be generated when you manually update the quantity on hand of a product from 5 to 4 units?

Validating an inventory adjustment into the inventory app will create:

When you manually update the Qty on Hand of a product in the inventory tab of the form view of the product, does it generates a stock move?

When are forecasted qty updated for components used in a manufacturing orde?

Where can we define the roles of approvals for Engineering change orders?

If we define a multi-level bill of material for a finished product with Make ti Order route, how many manufacturing orders are created when we have a confirmed procurement for this finished product?

Once Manufacturing order is validated, can I produce more than initially expected?

What is the purpose of Engineering Change Ordere ECO?

How is the Mean Time to repair MTTR calculated?

Is it possible to manufacture a product without a routing?

How is the Mean Time Between Failure, MTBF calculated?

How can you configure Odoo to automate the creation of preventive maintenance request?

Where do we define the automation of a probability rate for an opportunity?

What is the impact of setting a sales team on pipline stage?

Which of the following operation can you achieve by sending an email to Odoo?

I want emails sent to a specific email address to generate leads (not opportunity) where do I have to set it?

You want to add a new contact to a company, the company already has an address and you want to set a different one for its new contact. what do you do?

Is it possible to define internal reference per product variant?

Prodcut variant A is at price 100$ higher then product variant B, where do I define this difference in price?

In my online shop, I can define promotion program:

When does Odoo generate a quotation from online shop?

Who can I automatically subscribe to a discussion group?

In which of these views is it not possible to use a multi level group by?

In the list view , how would you display 1000 records at once?

Is it possible to define a leave type that has no limit in terms of number of days you can take?

I want to reimburse employees 0.4$per km when they travel with their own car for business, which configuration should you use?

When is an expense marked as paid in expenses module?

In applocation process, when is the application considered as hired

It is still possible to directly invoice a selection of timesheet lines?

What automatically triggers the Kanban status change?

Can you share the same task stages across different projects?

How do you restrict visibility of tasks that are linked to a project?

Is it possible to define different Kanban stages for different projects?

If an invoice has 2 different line of items, each subject to the same tax, how many journal items will be in the journal entry created when you validate the invoice?

What happened when you validate an internal transfer between two bank accounts?

What happens if an account is managed in a different currency than the company?

What does the system do when you reconcile a line on a bank statement using the reconciliation tool?

Can Odoo support linear depreciation ?

Follow up actions are triggered based on which calculation:

I manage a product whose cost is based on an average cost AVCO, suppose I have 8 pieces of product in stock with s cost of 100$/piece, if I purchased and receive 2 new piece for a price of 10$ each what will be my cost?

I manage a product whose cost is based on FIFO, suppose I have 9 pieces of product in stock with s cost of 100$/piece, then I sold one unit, after that I purchased and receive 2 new piece for a price of 10$ each what will the cost in product form cost?

If a product has several vendors, which one is proposed on RFQ?

If I manage a product whose cost is based on a standard price, suppose I have 8 pieces of product in stock with s cost of 100$/piece, if I purchased and receive 2 new piece for a price of 10$ each what will be my cost?

What is the impact of setting the “Control Purchase Bill” on the product as “On ordered quantities”?

Where is the costing method defined?

When I create a purchase agreement and select a vendor, are product prices automatically proposed?>

How can you generate a call for tenders for every sales order of a specific product ?

If the costing method is average cost will the cost in the product form change when I receive some products?

When you purchase a new products , how is the scheduled receipt date computed?

On a sales order , how is the commitment date set?

What is the Customer Lead time field used for on the product form?

What is the goal of the stock input/output account fields on a product category form?

Which condition is necessary when using s default unit of measure and purchase unit of measure?

Which of the following is true regarding the unit price of a product in a quotation?

What is the relation between the commitment date of a sales order and the delivery date of its delivery order?

What happens with an opportunity that marked as lost?

When is the surcharge applied in the price computation of pricelist?

Which of the following is true when check “ Display Margin on quotation and sales orders” under sales > Configuration> Settings

Is not it possible to group expenses before submitting them to the manager?

38. How can I sort my products so I have sub-menus on my PoS front-end?

Which feature will help me cross-sell?

I've created a "Buy 3 - Get One Free" promotion program on my large desks. When will it be triggered?

Where should my customers add a promo code?

How many times can each coupon code be used?

Does Odoo use multi-language?

Does odoo store your answers to be analyzed in back end once your answer the question and move to next page ( before submitting the survey)?