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Does Odoo use multi-language?

1- What happens with an opportunity that marked as lost?

When is the surcharge applied in the price computation of pricelist?

If I manage a product whose cost is based on an standered price. Suppose I have 8 pieces of product in stock with a cost 100 EUR/piece. If I purchase and receive two new pieces for a price of 10 EUT/ piece, what will be my cost?

What will be scheduled purchase order date, if I validate a sales order at October 25th, knowing that: ->Product is set as “ Buy” & “Make to Order” ->Customer lead Time is set to 10 Days ->Vendor Lead Time is set to 6 Days ->Company Secuirty Lead Time for Purchase is set to 2 Days

How is the ‘’Mean Time to Repair’’ (MTTR) calculated?

What’s the purpose of Engineering change Orders (ECO)?

If you buy a product, is the stock move created when the receipt is marked as ‘Done’?

How can I automate the taxes' recognition process based on my customers' location?

Which feature should I use to upsell?